How bold were you this International Women’s Day?

How bold were you this International Women’s Day? Meet these superwomen who were bold enough to celebrate ‘Men’s Day’ in their special day. They thanked their male colleagues for respecting them, inspiring and encouraging them. They celebrated Women’s Day and made men feel special for what they are! #IWD2017 HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY!

What makes your day?

What makes your day? Well, for us, this pretty and motherly smile makes our day.A mother finally being able to get back her sons after years of separation.This is the beginning of happy reunion of a scattered family.Mother Asha had to send her three beloved sons away just because she could not afford to invest

Appreciation of THIS

Feel previlidged to get felicitated by the Raling high school, Baragaon, Humla, Mid-western Nepal, where The Himalayan Innovative Societysupported for a computer lab, library and a science lab with generous financial support from Bootstock Association, Scotland, UK. This school was the first high school in Humla to have computer education 10 years back. I studied