Income Generation

Conducting different income generating activities by using and mobilizing the local resources, introducing modern techniques, research on improved seeds and distribution of improved seeds are major activities of THIS. The main income source of Humla depends on agriculture and more priority should be given on the agricultural activities by maximum utilization of productive manpower. THIS


Anyone who has been to Humla immediately sees the need for improved hygiene and sanitation. Indeed sicknesses like diarrhoea, acute respiratory infections, arthritis, malnutrition, etc. are wide spread while government health facilities hardly function or are of poor quality. THIS will focus on especially health promotion, sickness prevention, safer motherhood and HIV/AIDS as “Prevention is


We believe that many development activities wouldn’t be necessary if all people had enjoyed good quality education. Proper education gives a very good basis for life and it can open many doors. Education changes people’s behavior, lifestyle and can give skills and knowledge to make the best of their lives. Unfortunately, in upper Humla mostly