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What makes your day?

What makes your day?

Well, for us, this pretty and motherly smile makes our day.A mother finally being able to get back her sons after years of separation.This is the beginning of happy reunion of a scattered family.Mother Asha had to send her three beloved sons away just because she could not afford to invest for them.Two of her sons, Asif and Sradam (name changed), were rescued from an abusive orphanage in last November by Nepal Government and transferred to THIS for family reintegration.And today, Asha will not only get back her two sons but also the youngest one who is still far away from her.Soon this scattered family will be together once again and this time no one can separate them. Reunion was so overwhelming that younger son Sradam showed his mother where to sign the document!

Special gratitude to #ForgetMeNot for all your support

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