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About THIS

The Himalayan innovative Society [ THIS ] has a 7 member, gender-balanced board with ethnic representation from across the region of our work and chaired by a woman, Ms. Babita Lama from Humla district. Although we are a small team, we have a lot of experience working in different sectors of the Mid-western region of Nepal. Our core staff has the following experience (and please notes that “Lama” is a common Humli surname).


Mr. D. B. Lama (Director), also a Humli, has coordinated several projects in Humla, from building health posts to establishing micro-hydro power to trekking with groups of tourists to see the area and the projects. Before that D.B. has worked in the Surkhet district on educational projects. Both Babita and D.B. are acquainted with many parts of the Karnali region. D.B. participated in a UNESCO workshop on eco-tourism in Kazakhstan in 2002. Babita has participated women’s workshop on Women Peace Maker’s summit

Would you like to join the journey to lift-up the livelihood of the people of Humla?

The Himalayan innovative Society
Established Date:-2059/09/26 (10thJanuary 2003)
No. 459/059/060
SWC Affiliation No.:- 14304
PAN : 2061-06-25 , PAN NO : 301761628
NGO Registration (district admin .office):- Kathmandu
Station extension in Humla :- Branch office at Humla 2012 registered in CDO Office Humla
Working area:- Humla and Mid-western region of Humla, now all over Nepal
Target Beneficiaries: – Women and children of Deprived communities from remote areas
Contact email :
website :
Telephone No : +977-014537306