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The Himalayan Innovative Society (THIS), Established in 2003 with a motive of developing the marginalized communities of mid-western region of Nepal, The Himalayan Innovative Society (THIS) started its work in the sectors of health, education, income generation and pro-poor tourism. THIS soon realized the urgent need of addressing the child protection issues in Nepal and directed its resources to work for the family reintegration of children trafficked into orphanages for different reasons.

THIS has been successful in reuniting 908 children with their families and communities who had been separated for several years. Along with reuniting children, THIS has been supporting children and families with immediate needs (education, livelihood, vocational training) so that children are not separated from the families for any reasons.

THIS is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political and non-governmental organization working in strong collaboration with Nepal Government and its proud partners in Nepal to prevent family separation and orphanage trafficking in Nepal. THIS has its history working in family based alternative care and 3 years journey in executing family preservation, kinship and foster care concept in Nepal (in Humla). Reaching 67 districts of Nepal to reunite separated children and families in a decade’s period, THIS has also been honored with family based alternative care award in 2016. THIS has also been working in creating awareness in every district it reaches because it believes that first step towards change is awareness and less in thousands of population know that children do get trafficked into orphanages under false promises taking advantages of poverty and their vulnerability.

Hundreds of stories and happiness in children’s lives is what THIS has earned in past decades and is still in the journey of reuniting more separated children with their families.

The Himalayan Innovative Society (Himali Navin Samaj) is a dream dreamt by 10 years young heart, mind and eyes.

DB Lama belongs to Humla district, one of the remote districts of far western region in Nepal. At the age of 10, he had to stay far away from his family and community and soon realized what it is like to grow up alone despite having family.

In January 2003, DB Lama and his colleague Babita Lama started The Himalayan Innovative Society with technical support from Mr. Rik van Keulen (organizational development expert) so that no child has to stay away from his or her family no matter what the reasons are. Ms. Barbara Aplington and Hugh Mac Key were not only initial individual donors of THIS but also a huge source of inspiration and motivation to serve their people and homeland Humla.