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We believe that many development activities wouldn’t be necessary if all people had enjoyed good quality education. Proper education gives a very good basis for life and it can open many doors. Education changes people’s behavior, lifestyle and can give skills and knowledge to make the best of their lives. Education is a key to various avenues of one’s life and opens doors of opportunities and broadens the skill and vision. THIS has been continuously supporting in education for many children in Humla and all over Nepal since its establishment.

Informal Education:

THIS has been engaged in non-formal education during our partnership with Bootstock Association, UK and UNESCO Kathmandu in 2003-2005. Through the UNESCO Kathmandu partnership, Community Learning Centre (CLC), we implemented Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD) in 4 VDCs of Humla namely Simikot, Baragaun, Dandafaya and Hepka. Along with this we provided non formal adult literacy classes for the people of above mentioned VDCs. It has been a great honour for THIS to become the project partner of UNESCO-Kathmandu to run its Community Learning Centres (CLCs) in Humla.

The CLC project has seven main areas as components of implementation as below;

  1. Education and communication.
  2. Awareness, vocational skill development training.
  3. Women-children empowerment.
  4. Income generation.
  5. Culture and heritage preservation.
  6. Community infrastructure development.
  7. Networking, coordinating, Institutional development and management

Formal Education:

THIS conducted SLC tuition classes for the candidates appearing from Humla based on local need for three major subjects mainly Science, English and Mathematics from 2004 to 2010 and total of 289 students were benefited from it. The tuition class had the success rate of over 50% including reexamination.

Education material support for single mother children:

Through financial support from Adara Develepment Nepla, THIS is providing educational materials support for the children of single mothers in 7 VDCs of upper Humla, namely Thehe, Bargaun, Simikot, Hepka, Khagalgaun, Muchu and Limi; where there is polyandrous family system. The support includes educational materials such as stationaries (copies, pencils, dictionaries, pens, geometry box, sharpener and erasers), bags, school uniform, shoes and socks and tracksuits/ fleece jackets since 2011. Till date Adara have been supporting generously for 87 excluded groups of children who don’t have paternal identity.

Education support for Reunified children:

Through financial support from Forget Me Not, Australia (FMN) THIS is providing educational support for children reunified into their families after Nepal Government’s rescue. The support is up to +2 depending on their current educational status. So far, we have 205 live cases in all over Nepal, different ethnic groups and geographical regions, mountain, hill and terai.

Education Scholarships for poor and disadvantaged children:

THIS has started an Education Scholarship, which provides scholarships for children acquiring higher education in colleges from 2020 academic session. It hopes to provide scholarships for at least 8 children in a year studying in +2 and above.