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Organizational Capacity

THIS has developed different organizational documents to mainstream governance, accountability and meeting all the standard financial, administrative and social regulations. And also have identified few documents to be prepared in the days to come.

Major Available Organizational Documents Needed Documents
THIS constitution Monitoring and Evaluation Guideline
THIS Child Protection Policy

  • Media Release Consent Form
Whistle Blowing Guideline(Complain-Confidentiality-Secure)
THIS Finance Manual

  • Procurement policy
Risk Management Policy

  • Security
  • Fraud
THIS HR Manual

  • Staff self evaluation/ Appraisal form
  • Performance Improvement form
Communication Protocol

Staffs induction policy(Need to endorse)

Reintegration Guidelines

  • Permanent legal guardianship transfer Form
  • Temporary legal guardianship transfer Form
  • Health and Education
  • Family assessment document
  • School assessment
  • Monitoring and follow ups
  • IGA
Branding Policy
Empowerment Guideline Transit home guideline
Project Agreement (THIS/Resource Partner/SWC) Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Policy/Guideline
Disaster Preparedness Guidelines Health & Education Support Guideline
Volunteers Guidelines ( Part of HR Manual)
Reunification Support Guideline

  •  IGA/Family Support
  • Child Support
Fundraising Guideline

Organizational Publication:

In different times, THIS has published different documents which have enabled THIS to expand its visibility and also to establish its image widely.  THIS team has identified few documents to be published regularly and few more to be published in future.

Year Publications Remarks Future Plans
2003 Annual Nepali Calendar and Brochures Calendar is published annually To be continued
2004 Mystique Dances from Hidden Himalayas Booklets, Audio and DVDs
2005 KANCHULI  (Children’s Creation Collection) Newsletter
2005 UNESCO Final Report Humla was regarded as the best among three districts
2009 Humli ChhaChhori ko Danko (Awareness Programme in Kailash FM)

Baal Aawaj (Awareness FM Radio programe by Karnali FM

2009 to onwards To be continued
2011 Chudiyeko Sambandha Street Drama in 2011
2011 DB Sirs Interview in Awaz Programme by NTV+ TV Show
2011 Mid-term Evaluation Report of Tdh Report
2013 Final Evaluation Report of Tdh Report
2013 Mid-term Evaluation Report of NGN Report
2014 Orphanage Ethical Volunteerism with partnership of NGN Book
2014 Going Home with partnership of FMN Documentary
2015 Reintegration Guidelines for Institutional Trafficked Children Book
2015 Mid-term Evaluation Report of Tdh Salyan based
2015 Community Sensitization Radio  Programme in Sindhupalchok To be continued upto 2016
2015 Community Sensitization Awareness Raising in Sindhupalchowk Street Drama against child Trafficking To be Continued
Mid-term/Final Evaluation Report of Adara Report In Process
Community Sensitization Programme conducted in Sindhupalchowk Documentary In Process