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The Himalayan Innovative Society (THIS)

THIS (The Himalayan Innovative Society) was established in January 2003 by local people from the area that THIS serves: Humla district and the Mid-western region of Nepal. Our motive is to help the local deprived communities in the areas of education, health, tourism, income generation, culture and heritage preservation and human rights especially women and children’s rights

Number of Children Reunited
Number of People Reached
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Contribute to enhance their sustainable access through equal participation in health, education, economic development and social justice for child friendly society.

“THIS Envisions establishing “Empowered, Equitable and Dignified Society”

हिमाली नवीन समाज सशक्त समानतामूलक आत्मसम्मानित समाजको परिकल्पना गर्दछ

Health: To assist in promoting healthy behavioral practices of target group and beneficiaries discouraging traditional and superstitious beliefs.

Education: Enabling school going environment and facilitate to provide quality education in School/university

Economic Development: To increase the life standard of the community by engaging them in income generating activities through economic development activities

Child Protection: Child Protection and trafficking of children and sensitize community on trafficking and displacement.

Tourism Development: To increase the life standard of the community by engaging them in Cultural and Tourism promotion activities to enable their economic development

Organizational Development: Update and ensure implementation of policies and procedures regularly and collaborate with different resource partners and prepare internal resource mobilization strategy to achieve objectives.

Key Intervention

Educating on harms of institutionalization of children.



Keeping Families together through reintegration process.

Because happy children and strong families make a prosperous Nepal.


People Reviews

Former MP, Humla

Since Yartsa-Gumbu (Cordiceps) is a product of Fungi the band for its conservation does not make any sense.”

DDC Chairman, Humla

If Humla is opened for tourism completely, we will collect billions of revenue” “Authority should be given to negotiate with Purang County (Taklakot) for the Hilsa- Simikot motor road”