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History of the Resource Partnership

Year Name of Partners Project
  • Individual Donor
  • Barbara Applington
  • Hugh Mckay


  • Health and education in Humla (2003-2007)
  • Rik Vankeulin (key role to establish THIS)
  • Scholarship
2003-2005 (United Nation Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) UNESCO
  • Education (NFE)· Preventative Health
  • Woman Empowerment
  • Skill Development
  • Cultural Preservation
  • Infrastructure Development


2006-2015 Adara Development Nepal (ISIS Foundation) Former Project:· Reintegration, Reunification and repatriation (2006-2010)

Ongoing Project:

  • FM Radio Awareness in Child Issue (2011-2015)
  • Educational support for Children at Risk
2007-2015 Next Generation Nepal (NGN) Former Projects:· Transit Home (2007-2009) Run in informal way

Ongoing Projects:

  • Reintegration Project (2009)
  • Empowerment Project (2012)
  • Community Anti Trafficking (CAT) Project (2015)
2010-2015 Terre Des Hommes Nepal (TDH) Former Project:· Mala III (Alternative care) (2010-12)

Ongoing Project:

  • Mala IV (Integrated Child Protection) (2013-
2012-2015 Forget Me Not (FMN) Ongoing Project:  Reintegration Project (2012)
2015-2015 Go Campaign Ongoing Project: Organizational Capacity Development (2015)


Status of Issue Based Partnership:

Issues Partnership Future possibility of Partnership
Child Protection DCWB, CCWB, Sol Himal Umbrella, CWISH, CWIN, DAO, VOC, Sano Paila, Sathi, NCO, Save The Children, NHRC, Child Heaven, Just One,
Education Adara, Ministry of Education, Schools, Room to read, World vision, READ
Health Chautaara, Bodhi Tree Foundation, Hospitals, Health posts, MoHP, Ruja Memorial
Tourism UNESCO, Tourism board
Woman Empowerment Aperon, Saathi
Income Generation Activities Tuki association
Youth Empowerment NGN, Yuwa, Youth Initiative,