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Pro-Poor Tourism

Humla district and the Karnali zone have lots of potential for tourism, and this could mean a considerable source of income for local people. This is very much needed as Humla and the Karnali zone are not self-sufficient in food and an income source is necessary to buy food during the food deficient months.

Only a few tourists have had the opportunity to meet the delightful people of Humla. People trek the century old salt trading routes, past medieval villages, monasteries, pristine lakes between white peaks and over high passes. 

Currently, with the few treks which enter the area en-route to Mt Kailash and Lake Mansarovara in Tibet, most profits go directly towards trekking agencies and their staff, mainly based in Kathmandu, and often abroad. Little, if any is left behind for the local people. A more direct involvement of local people in this sector could increase local earnings.

THIS aims to ensure that the Humli people have the training, knowledge, expertise, and basic infrastructure to guarantee that the economic benefits of tourism stay in the district. It is not only about allowing our people to benefit from their own natural and cultural resources and beauty, but also to create an understanding that these deserve to be preserved and restored.

THIS has organized successful religious treks to Mt. Kailash, holy to both Hindus and Buddhists and to Limi, one of the few untouched valleys in Nepal. Special peak climbing treks have also been organized on request. Treks with a Purpose” offer tourists the possibility to contribute directly to the Humlis by helping them to improve the school-learning environment and at the same time to have a direct taste of village life to the tourist themselves. Profits of the treks will benefit other development activities of THIS.

“Experience Humla and support the people of Humla”

In the long run THIS would be interested to increase local participation in tourism and increase the number of visitors while preserving and promoting local nature and culture.

We have good hopes of finding funding to design and operate a website about the whole Karnali zone (Humla, Mugu, Dolpa, Kalikot and Jumla) to voice the concerns of the Karnali people. Part of the website will focus on promoting tourism in the Karnali zone.

Recently, A 10day Cook and Hotel Management Training was conducted by THIS in Simikot supported by Marjan Rens Foundation, The Netherlands.